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The world’s worst ever pun based competition

As today is our launch day, we needed something special.  Something that would really draw in the crowds.  Something that really captured the spirit of the site.

Then we realised that, having just started, we have zero budget and spend all our spare time writing.

So here is the inaugural Camel’s Hump top prize competition.  Don’t all clamour at once.

You could win…..

Two camomile tea bags

Two Camomile Tea Bags!

(Camel – mile… told you it was a bad pun)

These tea bags feature a sealed outer packet, concealing a bag of camomile tea nestled inside a specially made porous bag.  This can be simply and easily used to create a warm, calming and tasty drink, suitable for all ages.  Full instructions for use are provided, as illustrated below:

Camomile teabag instructions for our top prize


But how can you win this wonderful prize of a lifetime?

The rules are simple.  Simply nominate someone – a friend, a celebrity, someone you stalk – who you think needs such a calming beverage, and post below telling us who and why.  The winner will get one of the bags and we will send the other on to their nominee, along with an explanation of why they are receiving such a generous gift.


The competition is open until we get bored of running it, which could be any time, so get entering!

About Alicia J Duffy

All purpose northern lefty guardian reading feminist single mum.


2 thoughts on “The world’s worst ever pun based competition

  1. From what I can tell from the furore on twitter, it seems Jeremy Clarkson could do with some calming down…

    Posted by liveotherwise | December 1, 2011, 2:00 pm
  2. Rick Perry needs to take a chill. Running for president has got him all screwy and he can’t remember basic things…like the voting age in the United Stated. Meh!

    Posted by Debbie DiMatteo | December 6, 2011, 9:14 pm

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