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Not Gay Enough?

Very occasionally, I do a little search on Google, for news stories involving bisexuality. Sometimes it’s just to see if anyone else has come out as bisexual, and therefore giving our community a little media boost saying “Yes, we do actually exist, we’re not just undecided”, but usually just to have a look at how we’re being told we don’t exist.

By this point, you may have guessed that I am quite openly (and after this post, even more so) bisexual.

My search for bisexuality in the news wasn’t a fruitless one. A fair few articles came up, but one that really caught my eye was “Not gay enough ballplayers get the shaft” (nice shaft pun, by the way). Now, I’ll let you read the article yourself, if you want, but the long and short of it is that is that three bisexual men, who have been members of the San Francisco Gay Softball League  for quite some time… until 2008, when they were forced out of the league for not being gay enough.

How gay is gay enough? How straight is too straight? And why does the players position on the Kinsey Scale matter?

If a sports organisation is willing to take on bisexual (and up to two straight) players to compete, why does it matter how straight they are? Bisexuality, unlike heterosexuality and homosexuality isn’t as black and white (although, there’s still grey areas in heterosexuality and homosexuality, for example, people who would consider themselves 1 or 5, they may consider themselves straight or gay, respectively). I am probably a 3, bang in the middle, but then I have known people who are more attracted to one gender than another.

I guess what I really want to highlight within this post, is the biphobia that bisexual people have to endure from within the LGBT “community” (some aren’t too keen on the T being part of the community, either). For example, I’ve been turned down by gay people for being a “breeder”. I don’t think there’s enough people talking about discrimination in the LGBT community, and I hope this post gets people thinking about it.

The last thing on my mind, is that if I wanted to join their league, would they rather I swung towards homosexuality, rather than bang in the middle of the road, which is where I feel like I belong?

Thankfully for them, I’m crap at sports, and was always last pick at school, so they don’t have to worry about me joining their ranks, and confusing them with my ways.

About krisball

I'm Kris, a 24 year old human shaped thing from Preston. I play the ukulele, and love to entertain people. Other interests include cooking, drinking, sleeping, and shouting at things and people about things and other people.


2 thoughts on “Not Gay Enough?

  1. My issue with this isn’t that there is discrimination against bisexuality in this league, but that this league exists at all. It’s not like the paralympics, where there is a definite distinction between competitors – and while on that subject, why is ‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius competing in the Olympics and not the Paralympics? Surely having no legs is a prime qualification for the Paralympics? Anyway, there is no reason why anyone with a different sexuality should be discriminated against in sport. They should be free to compete alongside heterosexual sportsmen and women, without fear of persecution or abuse. I’m all for kicking racism out of sport, but I don’t think kicking homophobia out of sport gets enough coverage or support.

    Posted by stuartjamesbox | December 8, 2011, 11:56 am
  2. I know that feeling.
    It saddens me to say it, but I find that I get more Bi-phobic comments from Gay people than Straight people. Currently it seems to be hilarious to refer to me as “Louise who is straight now”…Uh no I’m not, yes my partner of the last three years is male, but this doesn’t stop me finding both men and women (and people of other genders even though I do label myself as Bisexual) attractive, I’m in a relationship, not dead!

    Posted by Alexandria Web | December 9, 2011, 10:21 pm

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