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Crafty Gifts for the Yummy Mummy – Baby Sock Bouquet

With just days to go until the birth of our first baby and several friends with new babies already born or expected, my brain is firmly on baby related craft at the moment. It can be really difficult thinking of gifts for a new mum or mum to be, especially if the baby’s sex is still unknown, or is a second or third child for parents who already have most of the necessary kit.Close up of baby sock bouquet

I always like to find something that is both a treat for mum and a practical gift for baby, and this year I think I have finally cracked it with my handmade baby sock bouquet.


Baby socks (each individual sock makes a single rose bud, colours entirely your choice)

Florist/thick jewellery wire (1 length per sock I normally use 10” lengths)

Florist tape (any coloured tape will work; just pick one that fits with your theme. For realistic roses you can usually get green florist tape at craft shops and garden centres year round and a lot of pound shops through spring and summer)

Optional: vase, florist foam, flowers (real or fake), tissue or cellophane to wrap


Step by step instructions to make a baby sock bouquet

  1. Take one sock and unfold completely including cuff if that is folded.
  2. Roll tightly from toe towards cuff, pinching at one end to form a cone shape. Stop at 2 fingers depth from the open edge of the cuff. You now have the basis of your rosebud.
  3. Fold the cuff over the bud to hold the roll in place and form the outer petal
  4. Pinch the base of the bud and pierce (carefully so as not to cause damage to sock) with the florist wire. Twist wire together tightly to secure.
  5. Pinch bud at base and wrap in florist tape. Continue winding the tape down the wire as far as is likely to show. It can be a bit tricky to start with if you aren’t used to the tacky nature of the tape, but persevere and once you get the knack it is quick and easy.

And that’s it: your first baby sock rosebud. Simply repeat with the remaining socks and arrange to your own taste. These are so simple (and cost effective too) but stunning and adaptable too. You can see here I’ve done them in a vase with fresh flowers but they are equally as nice with wooden, dried or fabric flowers or just as a large bunch of sock roses wrapped in cellophane like a fancy bouquet.  The friend I made this bouquet for didn’t know if she was expecting a boy or girl so the white socks and yellow fresh flowers fitted her perfectly, but I love mixing up different colours and tailoring them to the mum & baby in question.

baby sock rose bouquet with fresh flowers in vase

Let me know how you get on!

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Pushing 30, thrifty crafter and foody. One husband, one dog, one baby (small). Too many interests, too little time, far too few brew & biccy breaks.


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