Lazy Cheesy Twists

I promised that I would show you what to do with the leftover puff pastry after making the cheap and easy tart.  Well – here it is.  Even cheaper, and even easier, and doesn’t even need a knife and fork to eat. (Less washing up – vital for the lazy cook.)


  • Some leftover bits of ready made puff pastry
  • That bit of cheese that is in the fridge that you need to use up (everyone has it – I used a mixture of the end of some Cheddar and some Christmas leftover Stilton – stronger flavours work best)

Roll out the pastry and sprinkle about a third of the cheese on top.

Grated cheese on top of some puff pastry, waiting to be turned into cheese twistsFold the pastry over, sandwiching the cheese.  Roll again.

Cheese being folded inside some pastry to make cheese twistsSprinkle, roll, sprinkle, roll, until you run out of cheese/motivation.  Then cut into strips.

Pastry cut into strips to make cheese twistsLightly oil a baking tray (or use one that you have just cooked a cheap and easy tart on) and twist the strips of pastry before arranging them on the tray.  Leave plenty of room for expansion.

Cheese twists waiting to go into the ovenCook in the oven at a hottish temperature, until they get all puffed up and golden brown.  Or until the ones at the back start to singe and the smoke alarm goes off.  Either way, really.

Slightly singed cheese twistsEnjoy!  Perfect for finger food at a sophisticated cocktail party.  Or for eating while watching TV, if yours go all funny shapes like mine did.  (Ha!  Like I was planning a sophisticated anything.)

Cheesy twists, perfect for nibbles at a party, or as a snack

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All purpose northern lefty guardian reading feminist single mum.



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