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Quick Reviews: The Wolf in the Shallow End

Every week, one of our writers will be given five tracks – they could be unsigned, they could be international superstars.  Any genre could be included, and the writer gets one week to give their verdict on each song in under 100 words.  This week, Nick Duffy takes his turn.  If you like what you hear, click on the band names to visit their website, and if you want your music to be included in the future, send an MP3, picture, short bio and link to

SINEAD O’CONNOR – Wolf Is Getting Married

It’s easy to take the piss out of Sinead O’Connor, so let’s get right on with it. “Wolf Is Getting Married” is presumably the first in a series, the next ones being “Wolf Is Getting Unmarried A Few Days Later”, “Wolf Is Tweeting About Bumsex Again” and “Wolf Has Checked In To A Clinic Suffering From Exhaustion”. The song itself is thoroughly meh – take away O’Connor’s admittedly fantastic voice, and it could be any Radio 2-friendly, mid-tempo rock-lite waster. Like Morrissey, she’s far more interesting as an interviewee than an artist these days.

SAM SPARRO – The Shallow EndSam Sparro in black and white

Likeable enough hipster-friendly disco-funk that never quite gets to the big chorus you feel must be along soon, instead veering off into an ill-advised sax solo (as if there’s such a thing as a sax solo that isn’t ill-advised). Probably destined to soundtrack a few hen parties which think they’re too good for Abba, and the tamer sort of gay bar over the next few months, but unlikely to match the success of “Black And Gold”.

IO SECT – Sneaker

I’m sure the editors put this one in just to watch me make an arse of myself. They know I know bugger all about dance music. That said, I know what I like, and I used to be vaguely up-to-date about a decade and a half ago, which by a happy coincidence seems to be where this lot take their inspiration from – this would have fitted in quite happily between Daft Punk and LTJ Bukem back when I knew where to buy drugs and my knees didn’t hurt when I danced. The Kids – and indeed my kids – will probably think it’s shit, but there you go.

The Knocks posing against a wall to promote Midnight CityTHE KNOCKS – Midnight City

I was liking – honest, I do sometimes like things – this electro’d up cover of the M83 song, which if nothing else, doesn’t have the sax solo which blighted the original.  Could easily imagine being driven through a city under the influence of substances and this sounding like the best song EVAR, but then it hit me: guest vocalist Mandy Lee sounds like a combination of Ellie Goulding, and whatsherface from The Cranberries. And there aren’t enough substances in the world to remove that kind of bad taste in the mouth.  Shame.


KIDS! Do you want steamhammer beats clashing with buzzsaw rock guitar?  The sound of alienation sliding into euphoria with vodka and amphetamine coursing through it’s veins?  The new sound from far out?  DO YOU?

Well, better luck next week, because Graeme Clark doesn’t do that.  He does earnest, beardy, easy-listening singer-songwriter filth.  I daren’t read the press release, because I’m sure at some point it’ll use the words “heartfelt” and “craftsmanship” and I shall be violently sick.  Will somebody tell him they stopped making Cold Feet years ago, so they don’t need any more soundtrack for it?



One thought on “Quick Reviews: The Wolf in the Shallow End

  1. “(as if there’s such a thing as a sax solo that isn’t ill-advised)”

    Thunder Road.

    Posted by DJW | February 11, 2012, 2:58 am

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